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The Value of Critique in Composing Paintings

Perhaps the single most valuable tool for growing as an artist is good critique. We can all probably recall the comments or advice of a mentor that at some point really impacted and strengthened our work. Without these critiques, formal and informal, I, for one, wouldn’t be much of an...


New Figure Work

A classic theme. Among the great artists of history, almost all my favorites painted or sculpted the figure at some point. It's beauty and potency are real. My recent work is based on the simple idea of combining pattern and graphic imagery with a modeled figure. Originally seen in...


Introducing a New Method of Art Instruction

Hello, and welcome! The core of Cameron Smith Academy of Painting is objective beauty in painting with a particular focus on composition. The learning method, as well as much of the course content, is unique and was developed for two main reasons: First, I believe composition is the single...


A Response to Mary Rezac's article for CNA, "The Catholic Church desperately needs artists."

Mary Rezac, this article "The Catholic Church desperately needs artists." deserves a response. To be totally honest I admit my initial reaction was, “Hello!! Where have you been, Church? What took you so long?” But I truly appreciate the article, perspectives and examples you’ve shared. ...


Beauty Misunderstood

'If I understand that "simple aesthetic pleasure" is referring to BEAUTY, if I read correctly the suggestion that BEAUTY is less than 'thoughts, science, or criticism of issues'... then all of my artistic being objects. BEAUTY is the "vocation of the artist"- St. John Paul II. "Beauty will save...