Thoughts on Painting

writing and works by Cameron Smith

Introducing a New Method of Art Instruction

Hello, and welcome! The core of Cameron Smith Academy of Painting is objective beauty in painting with a particular focus on composition. The learning method, as well as much of the course content, is unique and was developed for two main reasons: First, I believe composition is the single...


A Response to Mary Rezac's article for CNA, "The Catholic Church desperately needs artists."

Mary Rezac, this article "The Catholic Church desperately needs artists." deserves a response. To be totally honest I admit my initial reaction was, “Hello!! Where have you been, Church? What took you so long?” But I truly appreciate the article, perspectives and examples you’ve shared. ...


Beauty Misunderstood

'If I understand that "simple aesthetic pleasure" is referring to BEAUTY, if I read correctly the suggestion that BEAUTY is less than 'thoughts, science, or criticism of issues'... then all of my artistic being objects. BEAUTY is the "vocation of the artist"- St. John Paul II. "Beauty will save...